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Corwyn Lund: Word Count – Editorial

Surrounding the construction site of the property formally known as 48 Abell St is an installation by Artist Corwyn Lund entitled “Word Count”

Demolished in winter 2012, this former three-story warehouse had served for decades as studios and unsanctioned affordable housing for artists, its redevelopment is supposed to mark a new era in live/work spaces for Toronto artists, given what is occurring at Phase 1 of this project it’s doubtful the vision for the future will match the reality.

The exhibit was supposed to have run April 25th to June 30, a few short days after it’s installation piece of the hoarding containing sections of this project were removed to make way for construction, but there’s a beauty in that because it speaks to the reality of the fate of artists in this once thriving artistic community.

There’s a section on the south-side wall that speaks with great optimism and gratefulness for his new home at 180 Sudbury St with a nod toward Section 37 agreements that made it all possible.  It’s unfortunate the same agreement that made live/work units possible and provided a home was not fully realized as workshop space in the building has not been provided, leaving the potential for a thriving artist community at 180 Sudbury just out of grasp.

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The full text full text of Word Count is available here.


Excerpts from the Section 37 Agreement – 180 Sudbury St

Subsection 37(3) of the Planning Act provides that where an owner of land elects to
provide facilities, services or matters in return for an increase in the height or density of
development, a municipality may require the owner to enter into one or more agreements with the municipality dealing with the facilities, services and matters;

Pertinent sections have been pulled out and bolded to indicate non-compliance to this agreement by of the owner of 180 Sudbury – These issues are currently being addressed with Councillor Ana Bailao and Senior Planner Sarah Phipps.

To see the full agreement click here

Section 4 – Affordable Housing (pg 6)

City and the Owner acknowledge and agree that the Owner proposes to develop the
Site in two phases, with Phase I being a building with a maximum height of 18 storeys
containing approximately 190 units of Affordable Rental Housing, including 27
Affordable Artist Live/Work Units as shown on the plans and drawings listed in the
schedules of the Site Plan Agreement. For greater certainty, the Owner acknowledges
and agrees that the construction of 190 units of Affordable Rental Housing in Phase I
shall include:

i) the construction of 27 Affordable Artist Live/ Work Units; and
ii) the provision of a minimum of 280 square metres of contiguous workshop space
in Phase 1, a portion of which is at-grade, for use by the residents of the artist
live/work units, which space shall be accessed by corridors with a minimum
width of five (5) feet and shall include adequate ventilation to permit any artistic
activities that may be prohibited in the Affordable Artist Live/Work Units, to the
satisfaction of the Chief Planner.

4.2 The Affordable Artist Live/Work Units referred to in Section 4.1i) above shall include
operable windows and fans in any living area and heights of nine (9) feet from floor to
ceiling. The specific details of how tenants for the Affordable Artist Live/Work Units
will be selected and how the Affordable Artist Live/Work Units will be managed will be
established by St. Clares Multifaith Housing Society, in consultation with the Chief
Planner, and will be consistent with the terms of the City’ s Request- for-Proposal under
which the Affordable Rental Housing in Phase 1 was selected.

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